Why Kassandra?

3 min readMay 20, 2022


The kassandra.tech logo and name; in crypto green, space black, accent blue and block white

What are we doing?

Kassandra is building a bridge between virtual finance and the real world. We see crypto currency as the future and the preferred form of payment in the long term. We feel that everyone should have access to the necessary information and a clear and simple way to invest and use crypto currencies for everyday needs.


Kassandra believes in transparency at its core. We feel that transparency leads to informed decision making. Most, if not all, societal systems (i.e. employment, money, government, education) have one-way transparency or situational transparency where people can choose what to share and who to share it with. This does not benefit everyone but instead tends to favor those in control of the construct. For this reason, we believe transparency can help level the playing field and make everyone more accountable.

Merit Based

At Kassandra we believe that work should have value. We are not fans of other merit-based systems. To give an example, when working for a company you trade your time for a paycheck and the company owns all of your time, effort, creativity, and (in the worst cases) your soul, simply because they pay you. At Kassandra, we believe in quantifiable value, with established metrics of success and residual payments for content creators that contribute to the Kassandra ecosystem. To be blunt, we don’t believe in the idea that a one-time payment for work that benefits a company is fair or makes sense.


We believe in an inclusive environment where everyone is given the same opportunity for success. We strive to create an ecosystem that enables anyone to participate, contribute, and be successful. We also understand that success is not one size fits all. We care less about where you came from and more about where you are going and what your vision of success means to you.

At Will

Kassandra does not believe in compulsory systems. For example, why should you be forced to pay for everything in dollars when you have no control and say in the mechanisms that determine what a dollar is worth? We provide products and services the way we think they should work. We also provide frameworks and documentation that can be used as a base if you feel Kassandra does not provide the type of system that works for you. We see value in ‘at will’ participation and hope we can provide examples that will spur your creativity to improve Kassandra. Or better yet, create something that has never been done before.


At Kassandra we understand that knowledge is power. We are not aiming to reinvent the wheel but rather educate members on other options available to accomplish their goals.

Psychological Transformation

Kassandra aims to help our users think differently. We do not believe that there is one way to solve a problem or reach your goals. In many cases, you may already have everything you need: it just requires a change in perspective to see it.




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